We Are The G’s (The G’s, short for Galbraith) is a Christ-First Family of creatives and entrepreneurs in music, film production, fashion, books, marketing and more. believe in Jesus first, being present with family and encouraging each other in our gifts. Parents Garfield and Dominique have made it their duty to have their three children, Elijah, Joshua and Noah join them at work.

From Designing, to Filming, Photoshoots and Music production, their three boys have not only observed the process of creating and serving customers, they are also­ being trained in business and learning work ethic at an early age as well as the importance of prioritizing family. Elijah, the eldest of the brothers enjoys writing and creating melodies. Joshua, the second born enjoys dancing and creative expression in sound, art and lego construction.

Lyricist, Elijah, Joshua and their Dad/Producer Garfield “Garry G.” are passionate about music and create songs by flowing and having fun in the studio. The dynamic trio have been creating music since Elijah and Joshua were toddlers.The debut single, “Little More Christmas” is a song birthed out of a family of beat-making session (and having fun together)of beat-making and family time. Hip-hop being their primary style of music is a genre they hope to revolutionize by creating music that the entire family can enjoy.