We Are The G's!

We Are The G's , (G for Galbraith) is a family of creatives using music, art, fashion and content to bring families together and share the love of Christ!

Our Latest Single

"I'm Blessed", the latest hit single, from We Are The G's, brings a high energy vibe with a motivational affirmation. The "I'm Blessed" Anthem, produced by Garry. G was birthed during an evening beat making session. As Garry. G began composing, King Josh, and Billion Boy E, began belting, "I'm Blessed, I'm Blessed, I'm Blessed!". From then on, Garry. G along with recording artist and songwriter, Tahym began crafting this electrifying track.


Who We Are

We Are The G’s (The G’s, short for Galbraith) is a Christ-First Family of creatives and entrepreneurs in music, film production, fashion, books, marketing and more.